Flo Gläser

Flo Gläser is an ambitious designer. Although he just finished his studies he already has 23 years of work-experience and designs at least as good as Milton Glaser. After he did about 19 internships in 33 different countries Flo Gläser decided for his future to work 80 hours a day without a contract and for an intern-salary. In addition to that he also brings his own laptop and won’t bother you with any supply or catering wishes like water, bread, coffee or even elecricity (while working at the oil-rig “Seals Love Oil” in Alaska he developed a method to produce electricity with his toes).
Maybe caused by his unbelievable charming character but doubtless because of his phenomenal portfolio, Flo Gläser got published about 134 times in 212 different books and held speeches at countless design-festivals around the universe.
Flo Gläser now works at the world-famous Robinizer Design Studio in Hamburg, Germany. Awesome.

Ela Haney

+41 78 851 51 22

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